Remembrance Day

(Originally posted on November 11th 2012) November and December are probably my favourite months of the year. It is fitting that this season for me starts with rememberance day. We have to remember all those who fought and passed on. Those that survived and those that still continue to fight. War is unfortunately a necessity […]

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(Originally posted on October 23rd 2012) Sometimes it is nice to look back to what happened in the past. Almost two and a half years to the date; I wrote a post with the same title on having a nice dream and hoping it would come true. I have since forgot what that dream was […]

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Dhaal Roti

(Originally posted on June 20th 2012) One of my good friend said that his smartphone is his dhaal Roti. A necessary tool to get work done. Someone who knows me well called my blackberry dhaal roti but my other smartphone my dhaaru pani. There are very few things that can beat the pleasure of a […]

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Europe and me

(Originally posted on June 15th 2012) The last few months have been reasonably bad. Yet I somehow feel like the European financial markets. It has not got as bad as it did then but the short term volatility hurts like hell. However what may be perceived as a weakness may actually be a great opportunity for a […]

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Chelsea won the premiership. There is no news on the takeover  bid of Manchester United by the Red Knights. Tottenham got the 4th place and qualified for the Champions league. So which team will I support. I guess I will end up supporting Chelsea. Mourinho won my heart for Chelsea when I first arrived in London. […]

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I have just finished a book called “The Immortals of Melhua.” by Amish. After a long time has a book been able to arouse physical emotions. If the books to follow are as good as this then it would be an epic. A tale set in 1900 B.C. has helped me understand my culture. I […]

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My birth and destiny number is 8. It is a highly spiritual number. I do not know whether it is this factor or a God given gift bit my dreams have a tendency to come true. The more realistic my dream is the greater the chance of it coming true. This is not a new […]

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Sometimes I wonder if my itouch has a mind of its own. I nearly always leave it on shuffle. This morning the song “Mistakes” by Don Williams has been playing in my head. I thought about the song “Hurt” which was originally done by Nine Inch Nails and later made famous by Johnny Cash. Now […]

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Under Pressure

(Originally posted on February 22nd 2010) Today the person who started the first hedge fund at Nomura Capital died aged 46. Recently the newspapers were filled with an equity trader at Deustche bank who committed suicide. He was aged 24. I don’t know which Billy Joel song suits this better. “Under Pressure” or “Only the […]

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Take a chance on me

(Originally posted on February 19th 2010) Take a chance on me seems to be running in my head since the time I left the office today. I have no idea why. Am I going to meet someone that is taken by someone else but my love for her will be so great that I will […]

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