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An Reflective Christmas.

December and the lead up to it has always been an interesting month for me. A highly busy period where preparing for the new year was of highest priority. This would last for the first two and a half weeks of December and then it would drop into a deadly silence. In November 2017 my good friend David died. I still think about him. One of my characters in the novel I am writing is based on him. If I ever publish my novel then my book will be dedicated to him.

I expected 2018 to be a difficult year for me. I became aware of this in 2010. It has been a rather dark sky with a few sparks of light. I expect 2019 to be better. There are two viable options when financial markets crash. The first is to ride the storm and only reinvest the dividends. The second is to take a little bit more risk and invest more than one would normally do. The worst thing one can do is to sell all your holdings and sit on cash. Life is no different. This year I decided to ride out the storm.

From time to time I like to question my beliefs. 2019 will be the year for that. The reason I do this is so that I always know why I believe what I believe. Blind faith is admirable but not justifiable. I am reminded of a pastor in Canada who used to use Paul’s letter’s to support what Paul had said in his other letters. I am also reminded of a lady who said Christians and everyone should follow the Bible. I made a simple comment to her one day that Christianity was a religion built on blood. The accounts in the Bible may be discounted but history cannot. In its infancy Christians were persecuted. The persecuted then became the people who became the enforcers. It did not matter if it was wars to convert pagans to Christianity or those between Catholic and Protestant. Ignoring history is to be disillusioned about the present and blind to the future.

Christmas is more than winters scenes and mince pies. The reason for celebrating Christmas and what followed is more important than when and how we celebrate it. I do not know when Jesus Christ was born. I do not know whether the star that heralded the birth of Christ was a planetary alignment or an actual star. I do not know whether the wise men were from Persia or druids as some theories suggest.

Christmas is the start for me which peaks at Easter and culminates with Ascension. Acts chapter 2 is my second favourite passage in the Bible. My favourite is Psalm 69.

I have had a Christmas of reflection and I strongly suspect it is going to be like this for the next week. The first song I listen to during Christmas is “Stop The Cavalry.” It is the song that I finish Christmas with too. The Queen and others spoke about peace (except Donald Trump who chose to put doubts in the mind of a child about Santa Claus). Peace is an idealistic goal but it may be highly improbable. Even as Christmas comes to an end let us end with two of my favourite songs.


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