Authors or Analysts?

(Originally posted on July 21st 2009) One of the best feelings I get is when the “experts” from the major financial institutions comes up with the same conclusion that I have after I have realised it.Yes it is narcissistic of me but that it is the flower of my birthday and therefore it is to […]

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Ashes Index

The Ashes season has started. Probably it was one of the most exciting first test match of an Ashes series.Australia won the first test match in 2005. The Australian index outperformed the FTSE by 2.36% starting from the Monday before the Test match to the next Monday. In 2006 the ASX outperformed by .19%. Australia […]

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Recovery of the Urn

Today is four years since the bombings in London. A lot has changed since then. However the Ashes is upon us again and it is less than 24 hours away.As in 2005 there is a good possibility that England will win this series. Someone on face book said that the chances of England winning the […]

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June Market Outlook 

(Originally posted on June 1st 2009) A new month and the sun is shining brightly. The markets have been boosted by the news that the Chinese manufacturing markets have grown.However I am extremely sceptical when the markets increase or decrease on news of the mining, financial and Chinese sectors. This has also boosted the commodity […]

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