Inverse ETF

There is a big difference between betting and investing. Investing in inverse ETF’s equates to betting. This article talks about the demise of XIV. People investing in products such as XIV should be given a lobotomy sponsored by the NHS. This is starting to bring back memories of 2008. The culprit was Hedge Funds then. […]

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Sex and the city

(Originally posted on November 11th 2009) The other day as I read a headline of a lady claiming that a hedge fund manager in the city had sexually harassed her. As I read the article I saw the name Mark Lowe. The name sounded familiar and I panicked. I practically ran to my desk and […]

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The veil of secrecy

(Originally posted on October 26th 2009) This whole Galleon affair has got me nervous. Where do you draw a line on insider trading? Can something I say about a particular hedge fund or share over the phone or a glass of whisky be counted as a recommendation to buy and later on become a candidate […]

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