Inverse ETF

There is a big difference between betting and investing. Investing in inverse ETF’s equates to betting. This article talks about the demise of XIV. People investing in products such as XIV should be given a lobotomy sponsored by the NHS. This is starting to bring back memories of 2008. The culprit was Hedge Funds then. […]

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Emerging markets?

(Originally posted on November 10th 2009) Today there is no other alternative but to invest in alternative investments. However more and more banks and financial institutions are distinguishing investments by those that provide alpha and those that provide beta. Similarly the last year and a half has seen the metamorphis of the emerging market. Exposure […]

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The veil of secrecy

(Originally posted on October 26th 2009) This whole Galleon affair has got me nervous. Where do you draw a line on insider trading? Can something I say about a particular hedge fund or share over the phone or a glass of whisky be counted as a recommendation to buy and later on become a candidate […]

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TV Shows

(Originally posted on 23rd October 2009) I have started watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent again after Jeff Goldblum has come into it.Yesterday’s episode dealt with Hedge Funds. Somehow even TV shows will not stop in bashing hedge fund managers and investors. Hedge Funds are supposed to be for sophisticated investors. If people don’t understand […]

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The fall of the monarchy

(Originally posted on 15th of September 2009) It would be irresponsible of me not to make any comment with the one year anniversary of what would become one of the biggest financial crisis in history. It was one of those events which was supposed to be a six sigma event. However those six sigma events […]

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(Originally posted on August 12th 2009) My friend Sunil Chandy made the following statement “A good song is one where the meaning of words and the meaning of the music meet and enrich each other.” Sunil is a gifted musician and a gem of a guy. The wisdom and simplicity of the quote is filled […]

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(Originally June 18th 2009) There is a Chinese proverb that says “The palest ink is better than the best memory”.It is for moments like this where I believe this blog will be extremely useful in the future. Right now I feel like Pearl in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Starlight express. The song “Make up my […]

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Distressed Funds

(Originally posted on June 17th 2009 I have been receiving so many distressed funds that it almost depresses me. Is the market in a worse situation than I think it is? LAm I missing out on some information that others can see? Sometimes emotions and staunch belief’s can cloud judgement. I hope I am not […]

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The fall of a hedge fund

(Originally posted on June 5th 2009) I am at the world polo event and was invited by one of the hedge funds that I know. Like others in the industry they were adversely affected. However this is not because they did a bad job.They were victims of their own success. They did exceptionally well. Their […]

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