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Recovery of the Urn

Today is four years since the bombings in London. A lot has changed since then. However the Ashes is upon us again and it is less than 24 hours away.As in 2005 there is a good possibility that England will win this series. Someone on face book said that the chances of England winning the Ashes is as good as America having an economic recovery. I do not think that the recovery of America will start tomorrow and will be significantly better by the time the Ashes end. However what I do know is that America is on the path of recovery. The distressed funds cropping up is testament to this. Roger Federer created a record at Wimbledon over the weekend. He deserved it. However I have to admit that I did admire Roddick. I do not think he is a better player than Andy Murray or Roger Federer. However what he did was he studied his opponents, created a strategy and stuck to it. His plan was good enough to beat Murray and to take the finals to a five sets. The talent of Federer was better than the skill of Roddick combined with his plan. That match is an epitome of the financial market. A beautiful sunny day, a lush green carpet of grass for the most part. The baseline however nearly caused both players to slip at different times. Finally strategy is not good enough to win. You have to be talented.

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Emerging markets may be better.

There seems to be an overdose of cricket in my blogs but I cannot help that.All the strong favourites are no more bankable. Australia have crashed out. England lost a match to Netherlands who is “just” an associate member. Once Ireland beat Bangladesh who is a full member of the International Cricket Council. New Zealand barely escaped losing to Scotland. Currently Pakistan are fighting for their lives against the Dutch. My point over here is that the big bankable strategies may no longer hold good. There should be no room for fear. Just go on the field and believe in what you are doing. Further the developed markets or cash may no longer be the best bet. Investing in India rather than the US would have given you an additional 51%. The question is are you willing to take that risk. Sometimes you know something will not work but you can get too emotionally involved to let go. It is prudent to hedge your bets initially. Hopefully at least one of your investments will be a success and will make up for the losses of the other. Never ever hold on to something that you hope to do well in the future. You will be terribly disappointed. These times are interesting. Test the investments. Go with the one that you think will give you the best return. Is going with a steady past track record with an uncertain future better than going in with a start up investment that has the potential to produce the returns that you are looking for? I do not know right now but may find out sooner than what I expect. Everything can go wrong. There is the possibility of losing everything. Add that to the time you spent researching and doing the due diligence then your losses mount. However there is no return without risk and money cannot be made without having money in the first place.

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